Jenna is one of the first four Maplelea Girls, along with Taryn, Brianne and Alexi. Her full name is Jenna Margaret McAllister. She was named after her grandmothers, Jennifer and Anna. Her parents combined the two names and they formed Jenna. Jenna is from Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

Jenna loves sailing on her family's boat. Her favourite part about sailing is watching gannets, birds who dive into the water. Jenna plays soccer with her friends Isobel and Coreen who is also her cousin. She also likes to bike on the Black Harbour trail. Jenna also plays fiddle. Her uncle John has taught her after Jenna saw Natalie McMaster preform with her fiddle.

Jenna has two orange tabby cats, Mackenzie and Fox.

Jenna has long, thick red hair that comes in pigtails with full bangs. She has pale skin and freckles across her cheeks. Jenna has bright green eyes. She comes wearing a blue and purple shirt and blue pants.